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Demon Pirate



The Demon Pirate, one of the most feared sights in the Fringe.

(Click on the pic above to see a hi-res render)

(Rear View)



Carl’s Orion

Finished the model for the Orion. Here are some pics:

Wire frame:

Also finished the unwrap for the Mako. Next few days are all about the texturing for both.

1281 polygons, about 2-3 days or so.

~ CarlG, Fringespace 3D Artist

The Mighty Mako

Click on the above for a full size, hi-res render.

I’ll have more for the gallery of the Mako and Dart asap.

The Dart

Click to see a high resolution render.

So… how’ve you been? Miss us?

Drone goodness.

Ok, I’ve got Cassitor’s Assault Drone done now, more or less.

I also did MORE work on that attack drone. Mostly because I like that ship!

Same as last post, I’ll have small images, then click to see larger versions.

First, the Assault Drone:

The only thing lacking is the underside turret – which I think I may add later, for a “heavy” version.

Then, the Attack Drone. In the previous pics, I think you can see that the nose in the closeup is way too fat. So were the arms. It also needed some more detail.

I rectified those issues.

Slim and mean!

So, whatcha think?

Yes, Cassitor’s Assault Drone looks sort of like a Bird of Prey. It’s not my fault 😀

(No, it’s not clickable – just to show you that the shape is not my fault :D)

I still like it, though 😛

Okay, it’s about time for some progress.

Well, we told you that we were, basically, starting over with the models.

We did.

We had to do some serious boning up on how to do these models. We did – and a very hefty thank you to my brother (who is a 3dsmax guru!) and to the folks from the Fs2_Open community, who have been more than generous with help, and tips.

We’ve got our first “production” model. Not textured, not converted – but just to show you we’re trying to be as close as possible to the originals – yet still improve on them – here you go.

This is the original drone model. Just the standard drone, mind, not any of the fancy ones yet.

This is the new one. Note the addition of engine ports, and the slightly added definition between the “pylons” and the center hull.

It comes out at almost the exact same filesize as the old one, too.

Keep in mind that this drone is about 4 meters (~12 feet) long – and that’s only about 1/5th the size of a Pegasus – so I picked this as a test ship to… “butcher” first 😀 Still, I’m happy with it.

So, there’s what we’ve been up to. Hope you enjoy this very minor update!

More Progress

(Click images to see larger versions)

This is the old attack drone.

This is the new one.

Note the detail around the thruster nozzle, and the enhanced “cockpit” area.

Here’s another shot, but closeup, front view.

Yes, the detail on the guns is overkill, but hey, it looks nice…

Modest progress, but it’s progress!

(Created in 3dsmax – 540 polies)

So, yeah. I’ll get to the fighters, capships and bases, I promise. I’m starting small, and working my way up 😀

A Dilemma

After a long series of attempts to try to get around a few problems we’ve experienced, we’ve determined we just can’t get around it anymore. The original models are just about too messed up to fix, in any sort of reasonable timespan. Bear with me.

Here’s an example.

When the Archangel Model is converted from .pak, to .obj, using the *only* converter there is, then from .obj to .3ds, then imported to 3dsmax, it looks like this:

You need one note, for context: The red is *errors* in the geometry. By contrast, this is what a model looks after I remove the egregious errors:

Much less – but the peg was one of the easier ships to remove errors from. The problem continues: Here’s a top-down render of the Pegasus.

Looks ok, right? Look closer. Behind the cockpit, the texture is misaligned. There is a chunk missing out of the cockpit glass. Did you remember that the Peg has *two* sets of scoops? One set is broken, so doesn’t even show up!

This is what it looks like, when you fix the geometry errors. So, basically, to fix any geometry problems, you have to break the texture of the model, then rebuild it.

In the Arch, it’s about as bad as it gets.

I can get it down to about 85 errors. It breaks a whole bunch of the texture, ends up gutting the engine section, and cuts a big slice out of the bottom end. But, i can fix all but 85 errors. It took me about a week to get it to that point. We have WAY too many models to be doing that to. The models are NOT good enough to justify spending that much time on them.

They are ALL like this. Every single one. We have at least 25 fighters slated for release, and to have to fix them ALL that way? It’s crazy. We’re going to have to basically rebuild a few of them.

On top of that, we have capital ships, bases, satellites, gun platforms, etc, etc.

So, I’ll cut to the chase…

We’re not fixing these models. It’s crazy to waste all time on a low-poly circa 1999 model set, with major, major geometry problems. So, we’re going to change our focus.

We’re going to replace them. Build our own. Model them from scratch.

Which, unfortunately, is going to take a LOT longer time. However, the end result will be MUCH more in line with visual effects like this:

I’m sorry we’re going to have to delay – but the end result will be something much, much more satisfying – visually, and technically.

It’ll be worth the wait, we promise.

~ RK

Still Chuggin.

We’ve changed to a new versioning system, which should make it easier for you to identify progress made – and, we’re going to post our current version on the site for you all to see.

Second, we’re now up to 14 ships! We also have quite a few weapons ingame. We’re also in the process of converting all of the ship and shield icons. It’s starting to look more and more like a new game everyday!

I hope to have some effects screenshots, as well as another video. upcoming soon. Keep an eye on the new gallery block up on your right. We’ll try to stock it up for you, as we get a chance.

Just for your edification:




Heavy Mining
Boron Medium
Arc Light
Plasma Rocket
Spire Rocket
Swarm Missile
Sunspot Missile

Come back by soon. You never know when Alpha testing time will begin…

As Promised:

Click here to watch ingame video!

Update: Yes, we’re back.

Item 1: Every ship imported prior to Christmas break is now in-game, *playable*, and bug-free. I won’t bore you wtih the details of how much stuff was involved to make that happen, but suffice it to say that it was a bit of work.

Item 2: JGZ has finished retexturing the Phoenix, the Posiedon, and the Marauder. The Phoenix is rigged and imported to the FS2 format, as well. The Nighthawk, and the Shrike are next up for texturing.

Item 3: I’ve been devoting my time toward “playability” bugfixing and testing. Mostly, because that’s the best way to make sure everything *works* like it is supposed to, and second, because there are a lot of things that will need to be changed about FS2’s code, and it’s flight model, to make this mod possible. If you can’t fly the ships, you can’t identify those things.

Item 4: Once we have a “stable” first-version set of ships, I’m going to work on weapons conversion. As it stands, I have a few weapons stats-converted ONLY – and that is ONLY damage, to boot. As is stands, we have a swarm-equivalent missile, a spire-rocket equivalent, and lasers. The rest will need to be painstakingly duplicated.

Item 5: Most importantly! For your edification, I’m going to try to start posting updates containing videos of the ships in-game, and fighting.

Item 6: Some pictures!

Keep a look out – I hope to be putting more up, soon.

Manta Glamour Shots

Pretty, isn’t she? Psst. It’s ingame too. Shots forthcoming.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Thanks to Nuke, from the Hard-Light forums, for his awesome work!