The FringeSpace Project

Project Summary

Currently, the design plan is as follows:

Phase 1:

RipStar Space Sim Framework

This phase aims to create a full-featured, blueprint-based content pack with support for a wide variety of simulators, destined for the UE Marketplace. This will a) facilitate work on our own project, which will build on this same framework, and b) save developers from having to re-invent the underlying mechanics for each and every space sim title created within the same widely adopted engine.

This enables developers to concentrate on what makes their game unique, instead of requiring that they re-invent the wheel each and every time before they can get to those unique elements. Our particular game utilizes most of the collective features of a majority of historically popular titles in the history of space combat sim gameplay – which gives us a unique opportunity to provide a valuable service to other developers, while doing work we needed to do in any event.

Phase 2:

The FringeSpace Project

This project will build upon the RipStar Framework, and will be designed to duplicate, as closely as possible, the “feel” of Tachyon: The Fringe, in a modern game engine. We’ve chosen the Unreal Engine to work with, due to proven multiplayer reliability, scaling capabilities, space-sim friendliness, and industry-standard development environment.

Tachyon always deserved more than it received – and remains the best multiplayer pilot experience ever seen in a space combat simulator. This project is an attempt to update, improve, and revitalize that playing experience for Tachyon fans – old and new alike.

As the project continues to unfold, we’ll be putting up more information, and sharing our progress with you. Should you wish to help as we get closer to this phase, please check the Help Wanted section, and we’ll consider your application carefully.