The FringeSpace Project

Update: Yes, we’re back.

Item 1: Every ship imported prior to Christmas break is now in-game, *playable*, and bug-free. I won’t bore you wtih the details of how much stuff was involved to make that happen, but suffice it to say that it was a bit of work.

Item 2: JGZ has finished retexturing the Phoenix, the Posiedon, and the Marauder. The Phoenix is rigged and imported to the FS2 format, as well. The Nighthawk, and the Shrike are next up for texturing.

Item 3: I’ve been devoting my time toward “playability” bugfixing and testing. Mostly, because that’s the best way to make sure everything *works* like it is supposed to, and second, because there are a lot of things that will need to be changed about FS2’s code, and it’s flight model, to make this mod possible. If you can’t fly the ships, you can’t identify those things.

Item 4: Once we have a “stable” first-version set of ships, I’m going to work on weapons conversion. As it stands, I have a few weapons stats-converted ONLY – and that is ONLY damage, to boot. As is stands, we have a swarm-equivalent missile, a spire-rocket equivalent, and lasers. The rest will need to be painstakingly duplicated.

Item 5: Most importantly! For your edification, I’m going to try to start posting updates containing videos of the ships in-game, and fighting.

Item 6: Some pictures!

Keep a look out – I hope to be putting more up, soon.

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