The FringeSpace Project

Help Wanted!

Brief description:

This project is, in a nutshell, a game which aims to recreate and enhance the gameplay style of Novalogic’s Tachyon: The Fringe within Unreal Engine 4.

Every ship will be recreated from the originals with a modern feel and complexity, while every attempt will be made to retain the unique characteristics, in the visual and gameplay aspects, which made Tachyon a superlative space combat experience.

We’ve been in production since 10/06, with several playable* internal demos produced thus far. (Links for video below)

* (We were using the original models, at first, in all demo shots and videos o­n the site. They are, and will be, replaced by much higher-quality media.)

Target aim:




– Unreal Engine 4


– C/C++



3D Art:

– Modeling:

– 3dsmax 7/8
– Blender

– Texturing:

– ZBrush
– 3dsmax 7/82D Art:
– Photoshop 7/CS

Talent needed:


3D Modeler:
Position requires the team member to construct updated replicas of ships, bases, weapons, and other assets.

Texture Artist:
Position requires the team member to UVMap and texture the 3d media.

2d Artist:
Position requires the team member to create interface, effect, and other art per engine specifications, in concert with the team’s programmers.


C/C++ Features Programmer:
Position requires the team member to possess a beginner to intermediate knowledge of C/C++. Team members must familiarize themselves with the UE4 codebase, identify areas relating to our specific feature customizations, and maintain their updated codebase in conjunction with the team guidelines, so as to facilitate shared feature development with other contributors.

Network Programmer:
Position requires an intermediate to advanced knowledge level in network programming, in order to update the SCP multiplayer codebase to support more players/clients simultaneously. Will work with features programmers and the SCP to implement network updates with the existing code.

Scripting Programmer:
Position requires a beginner to intermediate knowledge of LUA scripting. Utilizing LUA hooks in the current codebase, team member will identify and implement features requiring scripting that are not executable within the current codebase, but possible with scripting support.

Mission Designer:
Team member will utilize the existing FRED2_SCP mission editor to create, maintain and update unique missions and cooperative campaigns.

Position requires beginner-level knowledge of tabular format text files, and a working knowledge (can be acquired o­n-the-job) of the engines and flight models of both Tachyon: The Fringe and Freespace2.

Team structure:
Joshua “RazorsKiss” Whipps – Project Lead, 3D Artist, Webmaster, Utility
Randall “JGZinv” Cassitor – Project Co-lead, 3d Artist, 2D Artist
“Backslash” – Features Programmer
Matt “Mossman” – Features Programmer
Carl Gonzalez – 3D Artist, Texturer
“Dev” – 2D Artist, Texturer


Discord –

Previous Work by this Team:
None. Next game, this space will be filled. Enough said?

Additional Info:

– Target release candidate will have ~20 player-flyable fighter-class ships to choose from, ~10 AI fighter-class ships, ~20 capital-class ships (non-player), 10 bases, and the ability to have 32 simultaneous pilots in-game. Game will have 3 modes – Deathmatch (Arena), Coop, and Base Wars.

– Videos of demo version can be seen here and here.

– 3D renders of various ships completed thus far.

The Attack Drone

The Assault Drone

The Dart

The Mighty Mako

– Limited development benchmark listing can be found here.

– WIP Project Summary can be found here.


(There are several other similar mods being done in this engine, with similar aims – ie: conversion of an older game or media franchise. We do understand that mods of this type are often questioned o­n various levels, and for various reasons. We understand your concern – but please, if your comment is in regards to that aspect – there’s no need to tell us. We know. We are big fans (and long-suffering fans) of the game, that we feel that it deserves a resurrection. Thanks!)

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