The FringeSpace Project

Drone goodness.

Ok, I’ve got Cassitor’s Assault Drone done now, more or less.

I also did MORE work on that attack drone. Mostly because I like that ship!

Same as last post, I’ll have small images, then click to see larger versions.

First, the Assault Drone:

The only thing lacking is the underside turret – which I think I may add later, for a “heavy” version.

Then, the Attack Drone. In the previous pics, I think you can see that the nose in the closeup is way too fat. So were the arms. It also needed some more detail.

I rectified those issues.

Slim and mean!

So, whatcha think?

Yes, Cassitor’s Assault Drone looks sort of like a Bird of Prey. It’s not my fault 😀

(No, it’s not clickable – just to show you that the shape is not my fault :D)

I still like it, though 😛

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