The FringeSpace Project

Tournament Update

This is the last notice being posted to inform people of the Tachyon – FringeSpace Tournament
on November 1 and 2. Please note that the rules for the competition have changed as of today (10/23)
and now include Arena matches with BaseWars. Team size has also been adjusted to function better with scoring and server load.

Full rules can be seen here:

In addition – at this time I’m expecting around 40 players to show up (word of mouth), however
I only have 11 people registered for the tournament. Registration tells me what if any team preference
you may have, when you can play, etc. Forming teams is extremely difficult without this information.

If you plan on trying to play in the tournament, please register in the remaining week.
Registration is available here:

If you are unable to access the forum, you can E-mail me the following information:

Game Name:
Clan or Group:
Clan Interest:
Skill Level:
Time Zone:
Best Times Available to Play:
Voice Chat Program:

I will be posting team formations and play times the night of Wednesday the 29th,
if you don’t have registration by then, I can’t place you in a team unless there’s a last minute hole.
By then e-mail will be too slow and folks will be starting.

Thank you.

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