The FringeSpace Project

Tachyon Tournament & More

Well folks, we’re finally ramping up to the tournament….
a month is liable to fly by pretty quick.

You’re invited to participate in the FringeSpace – Tachyon BaseWars Tournament. Registration is open to teams and individuals,
so bring a “wingman” along if you can. The more who play, the more fun it will be – and all the more opposition to pulverize.

The Tournament will be a tiered event consisting of several teams competing for the grand prize of being in the FringeSpace
Alpha testers group. Basically they who hold the most territory by the final round, wins.

The grand champions will have access to early builds and suggest improvements directly with the development staff, as well
as get a peak on what we’re working on for the future. Basically if you wanted someone to test a update to your favorite game,
wouldn’t it be best to have the best players? Of course there’s always the bragging rights of being the top team…

This has been advertised quite ahead of time to give all clans and groups time to break the rust off their ships and spend some
time training if needed.

You can get more information in the forums.

Last but certainly not least, here’s another update on Carl’s work with the
Star Patrol cap ship.

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