The FringeSpace Project

Tournament Update 2

For visitors, drop ins, and people that have shown up at the last minute:
There will be an open Arena hosted in Tachyon if you wish
to play. Tournament sanctioned games are passworded and locked
to a certain number of players.

For players and those interested:

Team ——— Player

FringeSpace JGZinv
FringeSpace Backslash
FringeSpace RazorsKiss
FringeSpace KillJoy

Team NB Kodiak
Team NB Overkilled
Team NB Punisher
Team NB Warhawk

Team 3 Rumrunner
Team 3 Werewolf
Team 3 Vandal
Team 3 Megaman

Team 4 Eurofighter
Team 4 Raven
Team 4 Darkraven
Team 4 Tyber Zann

Team 5 Bigbrotherbp
Team 5 Want To Die
Team 5 Jakeslogan
Team 5 Wishmaster

Larkin and michaelh, I apologize but you could not be placed because
of lack of more players and Larkin you only listed you could play
Friday which was not a day we could play the tournament.

After compiling all the times and information it’s impossible for me
to arrange scheduled games due to the time zones and times people can play.

So what we’re going to do is this…

Each team will have to decide amongst themselves on a captain if they wish.

I would suggest everyone using GSC, or at minimum being on IM as
when you can see everyone in the online list you can put a game
together much more easily. If you haven’t already got a GSC account,
it’d be wise to make one. Servers are free and they are hosted on
GSC computers so you won’t get your net connection degraded.

GSC Version 1 can be downloaded here:

Drop the unzipped contents into a folder and run GSC client.exe, the
program will want to update then you can proceed with setting up your
name. Nothing harder here than making an e-mail account.

Just be online as much as possible, when you find another team online –
play them. You need to complete 4 BW matches and 8 arena matches
over the course of Saturday and Sunday. Post the results of the matches
back here on the forum using a screen shot.

I will be sending out a PM to all registered teams containing the contact
information of the other players so you can try to get your contacts ironed out for Friday.

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