The FringeSpace Project

Can You Supersize That?

An extra thick update w/ half the trans fat:

First off for those who don’t watch the forums, the tournament
ended quite some time ago. We’ve awarded the winners as such
and established a internal forum just for the alpha testers.

*Alphas – Note that you need to be signed in to see it*

Secondly, Carl has finished the base texture for the Star Patrol

Click on the images for a higher resolution version.

Thirdly, it wasn’t particularly announced, but we’ve added
Megaman ND to the mod team as our resident map producer.
One of the maps we’re working on for alpha is the Fenris Arena.

We’ve also been able to secure someone to make what we needed
in the way of code to get all the original powerups working for arena,
including a new one or two in there as well.

Lastly, all tournament related threads in the forum have been
moved to the archives section in order to better fit the expanded
forum layout.

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