The FringeSpace Project

General Update

Well I’ve spent an entire day updating the site.
Among other things, our gallery is 6 or 7 times
larger than it’s ever been before. So be sure to
check that out…

Down below on the bottom left menu, you’ll find
new links to other Tachyon communities, as well as
a new voice chat status box and link to the voice
server client. Now you can see if there’s someone
online in voice chat. It’s free to use for whatever,
just keep things clean and honorable please.

Several threads in the forum here have been updated to
reflect a status update as to our current progress, and a
general fix-it guide to Tachyon if you’re having problems
is now available in the Support section.

Lastly, yet tonight sometime I’ll be making more forums
specifically for the upcoming tournament. Pretty much that
is next on the agenda for an update and filling in the holes.

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