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Back from the Twilight Fog…

Ok so as the posts will show below, we’ve been offline without a working website
for nearly a year now. It’s been a long time in coming but I finally sat down and
plugged away and got our new blog/site up and running.

Most of the same stuff is here, you’ll find the majority of information in the menu
bar at the top of the page and you’ll also notice our forums were absorbed into
the main forums at Hard-Light Productions. Stop by and say hi…

There’s probably a few things still broken or otherwise not filled in, such as the
gallery, but we’ll work on that. Do let us know if something looks really messed up

Quite a few things have changed with the mod since the last update, which we’ll
hopefully get to covering and filling you in on soon.

Thanks for sticking around and being patient!


Forum Section Shut Down

This is just a notice that I’m taking the forum offline.
Due to the age of the forum software, which I don’t have access to change,
the board is being flooded with spam bots, posting everything from porn,
to pill ads, and giant posts of mindless text. I’ve been fighting it for well over a
month already, deleting and banning posts/accounts.

Frankly it’s taking up more time each day, and that time can be better
spent modding or any number of things.

So rest assured the posts are not gone, the board is just deactivated.

If there’s some information you need, or you need support for Tachyon,
please go to our other forum at Hard-Light:

…or post to the Tachyon Facebook group:

…or you can reach me directly via Email: (remove the # symbols)

The board will be kept offline until I can reach Razor and a update can
be made, or someone needs something off it and I’ll reopen it for a short time.

Thank you.

General Update

Well I’ve spent an entire day updating the site.
Among other things, our gallery is 6 or 7 times
larger than it’s ever been before. So be sure to
check that out…

Down below on the bottom left menu, you’ll find
new links to other Tachyon communities, as well as
a new voice chat status box and link to the voice
server client. Now you can see if there’s someone
online in voice chat. It’s free to use for whatever,
just keep things clean and honorable please.

Several threads in the forum here have been updated to
reflect a status update as to our current progress, and a
general fix-it guide to Tachyon if you’re having problems
is now available in the Support section.

Lastly, yet tonight sometime I’ll be making more forums
specifically for the upcoming tournament. Pretty much that
is next on the agenda for an update and filling in the holes.


I’d like to welcome you to the home of the FringeSpace Project, which aims to convert Tachyon: The Fringe to the Freespace2 Game Engine.

Feel free to take a look around, ask some questions at the FAQ, make a post on the forums, or just enjoy the atmosphere.

Thanks for stopping by.