The FringeSpace Project

Update Again

Well, it’s been a while, but we’re still plugging away.

We’re recently finished several ships, and have them entirely ingame. I’ll get some shots of those very soon. We have 6-7 other ships at the modeling stage, as you know, but untextured as of yet; namely, the Gar, the Dart, the Demon, the Mace, the Nighthawk, and two Drone ships. Just reminding you! I’m also proud to announce the Poseidon is at model complete stage now, as well – the latest masterful work by Carl Gonzalez, our Lead Artist.

She’s a great ship, and I can’t wait to fly her! He says that the next up will be the reworked Archangel.

In other news, we have the Claymore model in the pipe, as well as several environmental models.

We’d also like to extend a warm welcome to the talented Ed Ainsley (Features Coder), the indefatigable Nutritious (Music and Sound), and enigma (Modeler) to the team – and welcome our good friend Killjoy (aka Sonic) to the team; an old and new friend – and now teammate – of ours.

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