The FringeSpace Project

Models, models, and music.

Sorry it’s been a while. Several of us have had a crazy month!

Here’s some updates for you, though.

Carl has finished the Mako’s texture!

(The last render links to a hi-res image. Check it out!)

I think it looks great!

Carl has also started on the Pegasus model!

I can’t wait to see this one textured.

As for myself, I think I have the Mace model finished!

(Click on any of the Mace pictures for hi-res versions)

This one here’s our first Bora model, so, rejoice, you ‘ol Colonist sympathizers.

Jacob, our environmental modeler, has also completed one of the satellite models.

Finally, we’ve added a new member – Nutritious, a musician who has volunteered to do some remixes and/or new music for the project. This means that we will have *completely* new media, folks. This is truly awesome.

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