The FringeSpace Project


When will it be done?


Tachyon had all sorts of hacks – how will you prevent it here?

The server and client will have to be using the same version, or will not be allowed to enter a server. File checking will be done upon all clients trying to enter the server.

Can I request a ship?

Nope, sorry. We already plan on importing over 30 in the first release!

Our goal is to import all fighter-class ships for the initial release. This includes all the fighters seen in the Single Player game. A later release is planned, which will add capital ships and bases to the mix.

Can I send you my Single Player or Multiplayer idea?

We will have a forum dedicated to just that – keep an eye here for further information. Keep in mind, though, that we’re not planning on a single player campaign at this time.

How many ships or bases will you be importing?

See here.

All of the fighter-class ships are planned for the intitial release. Capital ships and bases will be included in phase 2.

If I want to help, who do I contact?

See this page for information.

If someone asks me about this mod, or project, what should I tell them?

We’re planning o­n setting up a media package to enable you to help spread the word. In the meantime, tell them this:

“Fringespace will update and enhance Tachyon: The Fringe with modern graphics, a flight model that simulates that of TTF, and rid us, o­nce and for all, of the egregious bugs and hacking that always plagued tachyon”.

Quote me!

What programs are you using?

Well, the graphics software depends on the user.

We’ll be using Unreal Engine 4 to start with, and shift to 5 once it is available.

What will be the minimal software/hardware system configuration required ?

What will be the major improvements switching to this game engine?

1. Graphics!

Unreal Engine is the industry standard here.

2. Code

UE has the most documented engine in gaming history – and is completely editable.

3. Multiplayer

There is little argument that UE has one of the best multiplayer systems in the industry. We plan to leverage those strengths.

4. Proven track record for space simulator development

A number of existing space simulator games already use this engine.

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