The FringeSpace Project

RipStar DevLog #1

While we don’t have anything flashy to show you yet, media-wise, we have been plugging away behind the scenes. Currently, we have 1 (placeholder) player ship, 2 varieties of moving, shooting, AI enemy classes in the early stages, a functional turret class, as well as destructible asteroids.

The player ship has a functional tripartite energy system, working shields, rudimentary projectile-type weapons. Additionally, the player ship has basic forward, reverse (plus boosters); lateral and vertical thrust. UI includes a very rudimentary HUD for informational purposes.

PC and NPC classes can deal damage to each other through simple component-based damage and projectile systems; one NPC class can fly, patrol, and do simple seek and destroy actions, and we currently have three simple examples of operational AI behavior trees to build off of. That tripartite energy system we’ve cooked up has now been packed into a modular component that can be added to any ship as a drag and drop item. I’m currently working on packaging the PC flight model into a component-based system as well. Modest gains, but not bad for 6 weeks from a blank editor!

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