The FringeSpace Project

Instruments of Destruction 1

Got a big update in terms of pictures to show off…

Carl’s been working on the weapons models and has them finished off.
Now the texturing has begun.

If it seems like these are low poly (less detailed) it’s because they
don’t have a texture yet (see below). Plus with having lower poly models,
that means you can have many more weapons on screen, more players, more
AI ships, etc… without as much slowdown on your hardware.

In reality, evereything being made is of a higher poly standard than what
was used in Tach. So on with the show and tell…
Click on the images for a larger view.

All the basic weapons except for the plasma and helios rockets.


Plasma rocket.

Helios rocket.

Missiles and torpedoes.

Misc weapons (railgun, chatter cannon, emp projector etc).

Bora lasers.

GS lasers untextured.

GS lasers textured 1.

GS lasers textured 2.

That’s all for now folks. Should have some more weapons updates
with the textured versions soonish.

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