The FringeSpace Project

Team Activity

Just wanted to make a note for those following along
on our progress – since you might not have seen a lot
going on around these hallowed hangers lately.

Starting back around the end of May, most of the Mod Staff
has been off for personal issues or dealing with summer activities.

However, we are still trying to make some progress during this time:

RK is working on porting/rigging all our finished ships into the game;
it doesn’t sound like much, but that’s one giant leap towards a
playable demo folks.

I’m working with Bax(Backslash) to convert over some FS HUD art,
and I’ll be gradually redesigning (updating) the Tachyon HUDs. Our
goal in the long run is to have a unique HUD for each different ship.
If you’ve got suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them in the forum.
I’ve also got a test cap ship to try and texture.

Speaking of Bax, he’s working on the code that will allow FS2 to
display a HUD Tachyon style since not everything works right off as
one might expect. We’ve also been tossing some weapons effects
and ship function concepts around.

Carl’s been diligently working behind the scenes texturing the
monster that is the Star Patrol cap ship. In terms of surface area,
it’s a project hundreds, if not thousands of times larger than a
typical fighter craft.

Nutri is experimenting with learning guitar and other audio related
compositions at this time. He and I were working on modeling, but
due to some program complications we both have decided to drop
that temporarily in favor of finishing out other pressing projects. I’ve
also picked up a guitar, so you can look forward to some unique
collaborative songs in the future featuring Nutri’s great skills with mixing.

That’s about it really… in short we’re still working, but also trying to
coast through the summer’s blazing heat among other things. I hear
fuel cells are running an average of 200 credits cheaper over
at Alpha Starbase. ~_^

Drop us a line in the forums… let us know what you’ve got planned for the summer.

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