The FringeSpace Project

Keeping Space Combat Alive

Here’s an interesting story about the Space Shooter genre, and where it stands these days. It highlights several games using the same engine we’re using, and accords with much of what I’ve been saying about the genre for years.

Also, I’d like to welcome several members to the team.

We now have two more 3D modelers, a texturer, and two new programmers.

On models, we have Carl Gonzalez, and Rob Russell.

On textures, we now have the one and only Dev – aka “The Devil” – formerly of RG and IK – but known, chiefly, for founding the feared “Devil’s Fist” – a group of assassin/mercenaries.

On programming, we’ve added someone you may know – Mossman, once a member of a Tach clan called The Lance. We’ve also added another Robert – but this one does code. He’ll be looking at he network coding, initially, but we’ll see what else he wants to tackle, after that!

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