The Tachyon to Freespace2 Full Conversion Mod


Here’s a collection of links to resources that are certainly worth stopping by.


FringeSpace Related:

FringeSpace forum @ Hard-Light Productions

Hard-Light Wiki

ModDB Page for FringeSpace

Nutritious Music


Tachyon Related:

Tachyon Players Facebook Group (218+ people!)

Bora Coalition Clan

Neechi Clan

Iconian Knights Clan

New Breed Clan

Star Magi Clan

Viod Alliance Clan

Old Vong Clan

New Dawn Clan

IGN Articles and Interviews on Tachyon

DevilsClaw Modding Website

Tachyonchi Fan Site

Tachyon Tips Fan Site



RazorsKiss Apologetics Site

SpaceSimCentral – Awesome Space Game Info

Concept Ships – Awesome Sci-Fi Art

Game-Warden – sister site to Hard-Light

Sci-Fi Meshes


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