The Tachyon to Freespace2 Full Conversion Mod

Project Summary

This project is designed to duplicate, as closely as possible, the “feel” of Tachyon: The Fringe, to the Freespace 2 game engine.

Tachyon was always plagued by bugs, hacking, and a lack of updates. This mod is an attempt to rectify most of the egregious problems, and to update the playing experience for Tachyon fans.

As the project gains momentum, we’ll be putting more information up, and sharing our progress with you. Should you wish to help, please check the Help Wanted section, and we’ll consider your application carefully.

Currently, the design plan is as follows:

Benchmarks: (These WILL be revised as the project moves forward)

1. Export of existing TTF models.
2. Conversion of existing models to various formats for manipulation/blueprinting.
3. Recreation of fighters, captital ships, and other models/media
4. UVMapping and texturing of recreated models
5. Identification/Collection of ship statistics/ship file schema, to facilitate tabling of new ships.
6. Full conversion of ships into POF (rigging)
a. Models
b. Shields
c. Weapon points
d. Engine Points
e. Miscellaneous statistical matching/conversion
7. Modification to duplicate flight model characteristics
8. Weapon conversions
9. Multiplayer conversion
10. Multiplayer checks
11. Work on bases
12. Base wars mission creation and testing
13. Examine possibility of large-scale co-op missions

Benchmarks Complete:

1. Models exported from .paks (Complete)
2. Models converted to various formats for manipulation (.3ds, .obj, .cob) (Complete)
5a. Identification/Collection of ship statistics – all Tachyon .des files decrypted. (Complete)

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